The Dance.

I’m going to die.


Four words. True words. Shocking words. We all know it is going to happen, but we spend our lives attempting to flee it, all the while knowing we never can.

Since the day I was born I was destined for this one dance, this last dance, this dance with Death. Death, who follows me like a shadow, stalking me since my infancy. With every passing heartbeat, with every step I take, it is one step closer to my final dance, my dance with Death.

I’m going to dance. A final dance, my last dance. But, even Death has not the power to destroy me, though he is the great enemy of us, there is with me the victory over death, Death dances with me, but we dance not to the grave, and there to rot, but into Heaven. We dance from a world of shadows, to a world of light.

Death also takes some on a darker dance. The dance that does not end in joy, but in sorrow.

Even now he follows me, haunting me, always hanging over me. Ever is he but a moment away. We do not always know the hour upon which we dance. It may be tomorrow, it may be some decades off yet. I do not know my final hour.

Since the beginning, I’ve heard the chimes, ringing. Every hour, another passing hour. It is but one more hour upon this Earth. And while I look forward with great anticipation to the hope of Heaven, I know that I must dance, and await, patiently. Not fearing Death’s hand, Death’s key, Death’s dance. Neither inviting him or refusing him. He will always follow, he will ask in the right hour.

Every moment, of every day, of every year, of every decade, is a gift. Treasure your time here, for it is short. Death is both a great tragedy and yet a great blessing for those whose time has come, and whose hearts are ready. The dance with Death releases some from the torments of life, while bringing others into the torments of death. Time is short, and we all have a choice to make, but Death will always dance with us. Always. There can be no fleeing from him. He is patient, so very patient. We all have a choice to make. We do not know when our hour is up.

I say it again, I’m going to die. I’m going to dance.

Should I forget to live in the fear of the shadow of Death? Or should I live, knowing I will dance with Death, but that my present moment is given to me, to live?

I’m alive. And it is beautiful, but in this world, I do not live forever, but in Death, I will be more alive then I am at present. To me, my death is like the approach of the end of a very long day. I am awake for awhile, but a day will come, as it does for all, when I shall sleep.

So while I am aware of the appointment to dance my final dance, I do not fear it, but find hope even here, in the darkest shadow.

I’m going to Heaven.