There is a monster in our midst, a vicious, terrible word that squashes hopes, delays dreams, and kills desire. The word is the word ‘Someday’.

Right now, I have one major goal, and goals that support it. I want to visit China. The next question of course, is how to get there. I once heard a quote in Benny the Irish Polyglot’s TED talk that went “There are seven days in the week, and someday is not one of them.” I like that.

Someday, in many ways someday is a rather discouraging word. I remember as a child and still learning my English audio comprehension I used to get my hopes up by the answer “someday” thinking it to be Sunday, only to be dashed to pieces once I realized that whatever it was I was asking about wasn’t the following Sunday, it was the someday, another word that meant ”something that is most likely never going to actually happen”. I’ve had way too many dashed homes by the word someday that I am rather distrustful of it, to this day. Yet, I find myself saying to myself: I want to visit China, someday. The problem is that someday turns into some year in the unforeseeable future.

So, what do I do to begin my journey to China? I suppose the first step would be obtaining the funds for it. So I applied for a job this past Thursday, for the sole reason of earning money to further my journey. I haven’t heard anything yet, but I’m already working on a list of other places to consider if I do not hear from them over the next week or two. I am determined to accomplish this journey.

I work best when I have a goal or purpose, and it must be specific, I can’t work for the word ‘someday’.

China isn’t the only place I wish to visit, of course, I want to visit several other places as well: Japan, Korea, Quebec, France, Iceland, England, and probably others I haven’t learned much about yet.

My other goal of course is to learn how to speak Mandarin Chinese, fluently. This one I have already been working on. I’m making progress, very slowly, but definitely noticeably. Sometimes when I ask myself if I’m really actually learning anything I then remind myself that I know 100% more than I did last year at this time, when I do not think I knew a single Mandarin Chinese word. I think I can communicate several essentials now, if in a pinch. I might not get everything exactly right, but I can communicate a surprising amount. I am making progress, even though as I work through each day of it, I feel like I’m getting nowhere at all. I do not think I’m ready to visit China and communicate fluently by any means, I’m not going to pretend I’m more accomplished at it than I am. I can communicate several essentials, but little more than that at the present time. I’ve been unorthodox in my learning methods, which has many advantages, and some disadvantages. To familiarise myself with the sound of the language, and the tones, I listen to it I find Chinese television programs for example, and watch them even if I can only understand a handful of the words. I’ve found that I learn the tones very quickly and effectively, almost naturally as when I encounter the word in an learning Chinese guide, I’ve heard it several times and know what it’s supposed to sound like. The challenge for me is building complex words, phrases, and sentences. Because I’m also learning how to learn as well as the language, I’m not surprised it’s taken me almost nine months to even begin to notice any noticeable progress. When I started I didn’t even know what Mandarin sounded like, now I can usually identify it within a few words when I hear it out and about or on a video, etc.

I am determined to learn how to speak fluently, as well as being able to read and write it, I want to do so as fluently as I currently am with English. Considering I write novels as a hobby, with the express purpose of creating elegant writing, the idea seems challenging to me. Though there are still a number of English words who I have not become acquainted with as of yet.

I hope to write more, but as the cafe I’m in is closing, I’m afraid I must wrap things up now, I’ve finished with my tea.

If I have the time, I might start another blog with the sole purpose of chronicling my adventure that I want to take to China. I just don’t want it to be someday, but to be something I am persistent in pursuing. I may have to work places I’d rather not, but I’ve been realizing lately that if I have a goal that I really want, such as traveling to places, than it makes the idea of working in these places a much more tolerable idea to me.

再见 or Goodbye!


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    • Good idea, something to consider if I am to be in China for a long time in the future. Thanks for commenting!

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