Photo-A-Day, And So Forth.

On my Instagram I have decided to take part in a photo-a-day challenge for the month of February. I like doing these, a lot. I am doing it there, but I think I’m going to go a step further and write an accompanying blog post over here as well. I can’t guarantee that the post will be long I will try to write a post that is themed according to the day, the photo challenge I’m doing is by the instagrammer fatmumslim who does challenges every month apparently with the hashtag #fmsphotoaday :8dc142e68aef11e3bb680ee50d64ca74_8

1. you

2. favorite

3. something orange

4. childhood

5. square

6. C is for…

7. utensil

8. water9. details10. i am…11. mistake12. out + about

13. perfect14. heart15. my drink of choice16. create

17. vegetable18. magic19. feet20. peace21. funny

22. an act of kindness23. this is where i relax!24. half25. cut

26. light27. my view today28. reflection


I admit, I have no idea how in the  world I’m going to write about some of these, for example day 24, half, but that is part of what makes it a challenge! All in all I think it will be fun!