January 25th, 2014 is interesting, it has been one year since I started this blog, and ten years since I was introduced to The Lord of the Rings via the Fellowship of the Ring DVD. A movie that would immediately grab my interest not only in Middle-earth, but in the whole Fantasy genre. An important moment, not least because I went on to write my own Fantasy story, though it is not published or anything, I do have this whole Universe of my own that would probably not be there otherwise.

In fact, most of the major things that have taken place in the past decade have stemmed from the watching of the movie. I can even trace my language learning back to it. I would never have met Christopher Hopper if not for a conversation with a friend about fantasy books and Bryan Davis coming up. (Davis and Hopper had gone on a tour together earlier that year and had a video about it.) My own books would not have been written. And while it’s true that I might have gotten into the genre at a later point, who is to say that the circumstances would have followed. Christopher Hopper directly and indirectly through those met through him, has definitely held an influence upon me, not the least have which has been starting to learn other languages. Something I am convinced is going to prove to be as life changing as this movie was ten years ago, perhaps more so.

Ten years is a long time though, yet it seems so short. And as rewarding as it has been if I could go back in time to decide what to watch, would I change it? Probably not, though some of the things I dislike that take place now might be changed if I did. It is hard to remember that not everything is my own decision, or my fault. That people will make decisions even if I may have held some influence, however small, on decisions they make. This absurd for when it comes to other people when I look at how they have influenced me and such, the only thing I’m inclined to do is blame them for the successes that have resulted. Like learning languages. Learning how to read. (Boy, thanks Mom, you taught me to read. Now a whole world of literature is open to me… Honestly…) Learning how to cook, and so forth. I get ridiculously excited when I notice that some good thing has resulted from someone’s influence, and even sometimes really small influences that they themselves are not aware of. I tend to get really excited about that, and furthermore, these people tend to be endured to my heart for it. Even when I get into arguments with people and such, sometimes I can trace back something good out the situation and I have an awful hard time remaining angry with them. I honestly think I value learning, knowledge, and being refined into something better, more than being right or what have you. All in all it’s a good outlook.

Anyways, the point is I should quit blaming myself for other people’s decisions, especially their bad ones, and also try not to overtake credit when I realize it has been a good influence. After all, there is a whole line of influences behind me who shaped me and molded me into the person able to influence them. It isn’t the working of just me but of many people throughout the centuries doing their particular parts and playing their particular roles. I’m just a link in a long chain of links, nothing to be boastful about, but that doesn’t mean I’m not important, without a single link the whole chain breaks.

Well, I’m going to keep it short, unfortunately I have a party to attend to, and have things to do before we leave, it’s getting late. I may come back and try to add more thoughts later, but we shall see.