Day 9. details. (Post-A-Day)

7e408f5a91e011e3a3e312f545262070_8Details, those little things that make up the bigger things. We all have to deal with the details. Even so, sometimes it can be rather like, details, details, please, don’t bother me with the details. We say that, but rarely do we really mean it, I suppose. What we usually mean is please, I’m so overwhelmed with the information I feel like my head’s going to implode, a bit at a time please!

To get things done, often one must do so step by step. Whether one is taking a journey, or putting a puzzle together, very rarely does one attempt to do the whole thing all at once. Usually the puzzle doesn’t fit together so well and the journey ends in disaster. Doing things by focusing on a detail at a time is important. The question is, why do I have a hard time remembering that! Instead I look at all I have to do, like writing a blog post, for instance, and I get overwhelmed by the thought of it, instead of simply focusing on writing something, even if it’s done a sentence at a time. Also, I need not make every post three thousand words in length, something I am trying to be a bit better at. Though there is a certain sense of satisfaction in such long-winded post, I admit. A proof that I am capable of saying something, at any rate.

It’s been a pretty quiet day, and I’ve not really gotten too much done, except for finishing a book I didn’t particularly enjoy but didn’t want to leave half-finished. I keep waking up way too early and am feeling rather tired the rest of the day as a result. Which is annoying, but not unexpected. Details, I tend to avoid talking about them. I may talk in generics about what is happening, but I left out a lot of the details. I didn’t say what time I got up, or what the book was, and so forth.

Details, sometimes, you hardly notice them, other times, you just omit them, but the details are there whether they are acknowledged or not.

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