Day 7. utensil. (Post-A-Day)

ab892bb4903911e3878a121cc321c01d_8The topic for today is utensil and while I am rather fond of spatulas and was going to talk about Count Spatula who, the vampire spatula who lives high in his cupboard. However, I then remembered my book character Pistachio the Pirate with his Bowl and Two Spoons flag. Spoons are utensils, so it seemed both unique and appropriate.

I didn’t even think to post my particular favorite eating utensil: The chopstick, despite that I’m still learning how to eat with them, I prefer the chopstick to the fork most of the time. (I think I’m using them right, but it can hard to be sure from just watching instructional videos on YouTube and such.)

But, the point of the post is not chopsticks or vampire spatulas, it is not really about utensils at all but a book character: Pistachio the Pirate is one of my earliest characters, and I think he came out of a conversation between my sister and I years ago, I do not remember what the deal was, but essentially, he was a Pirate who would seek after Pistachio Pudding and having Pistachio as his name. I suppose he’s not technically a pirate, seeing as he never really does pillage and plunder, he’s more of a free-spirited ‘hero’ of sorts, traveling around in his magical ship, The Sapphire, pursuing villains and seeking justice for the oppressed. He’s a bit eccentric, I suppose, and has been known to start yodeling in Irish Pubs. His ship lacks a plank, something one of my other characters teases him about constantly. “What sort of pirate are you? You don’t even have a plank! You should be ashamed of yourself, besmirching the names of pirates everywhere!” despite his protest that lots of pirates didn’t have planks, a protest that seems to fall on deaf ears.

I’ve not written about him lately, which is a bit too bad, he is a fun character even if most scenes that he is involved in become a bit awkward. Which is part of the humor I suppose, and lets face it, in life there is nearly always that one person who does things a little differently, shall we say. It adds to the believability, I think, to have a character who isn’t well mannered all of the time.

So, that’s why Pistachio the Pirate is one of my favorites, he doesn’t always do what one expects.

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