Day 5. square. (Post-A-Day)

50d13f0e8eb311e387440e846d77b329_8Square, initially I had no idea what to write about square, it is a shape, and a rather fine one too, but it is still just a square. I will keep this post short none the less, but I did have a few small thoughts on the subject after all.

Looking around for something to use for the attached photo proved that finding something square was more difficult than I thought it might be, most of the things around me are round or rectangular, very few square things actually. I suppose that is how things are in life, imagine what a squareness world would be like, it would be functional but it would feel like it is missing something I think. Squares are nice even if they are not as popular. There is a point to that, sometimes, I think that whatever the most popular idea is can kind of overtake the value in peoples eyes of the less popular things. In other words, rectangles are more popular than squares, that is true, but that doesn’t mean that the square doesn’t have value. I see this in discussions all the time, on a variety of subjects, it seems as though it is rectangle or no rectangle, there is no square. But a square is needed for rectangles to exist, you can’t go from a rectangle and resize it to a different rectangle without the possibility of making a square.

People talk about the prevailing view, or something of that nature, and then speak as if its popularity is authoritative enough for it to be presumed true. Not necessarily. That doesn’t mean of course that an idea is to be accepted just because it is unpopular, that can be a mistake too.

Granted we like in a world built upon assumptions, we have to assume certain things. Assumptions are not in and of themselves wrong, they’re necessary to make.

The point is, I think sometimes that we are more concerned with preserving our rectangles and our circles than admitting the possibility there might be squares.

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