Day 3. something orange. (Post-A-Day)

637f774c8d0011e3ab690ea951e5ff49_8Orange really is quite an interesting color, and I admit, I am rather fond of it. I have liked orange for quite a few years, but when putting together the graphic for this I saw that quite a few of my favorite things are in fact orange. Now, I also have to admit I do not really know what to write about in regard to the color, but that is todays challenge. :-)

I think that what they say about it being a happy, positive, sort of color is probably true. If nothing else orange does tend to hold a sort of comforting warmness to it. Our foyer is painted yellow and orange, and it is surprisingly relaxing and warm feeling as a result. Much more welcoming than it’s previous color, which was a blue. They say blue is calming, but I find it rather depressing, cold, and lifeless, especially in the lighter shades, the darker shades are not so bad.

Many of my favorite foods happen to be orange, pumpkin, oranges, sweet potatoes, carrots. They all come in orange.

What else can be said about the color? It’s a color, what is there to be said aside from how I like it? Of course there are things that are orange that I’m not particularly fond of too. For example I’m not really that fond of hunting apparel that is orange, though I understand its purpose. I do not like hunting myself, it is just not something I find to be very interesting, and I am not all that fond of killing things for sport, I suppose I would do it if I really, really, really needed to for survival, but just as a sport? Forget about it. Not that I’m one to condemn those who do enjoy it, or anything like that, it’s just for me, I have absolutely no attraction to it whatsoever.

Orange, still, is quite a nice color and its use in hunting apparel does not lessen my liking for it too much.

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