Day 26. light. (Post-A-Day)

f7ed81549ee311e39b8212c6d7e511b6_8Light is an interesting subject, it is something that we tend to be familiar with to the point of noticing its absence when it is not found more than we notice it in itself. It is like a song we’ve heard all our lives, we do not hear it, but if it ceased the silence would reveal its absence.

We know light by its absence in many ways more than we know light for itself, if we found ourselves in a world of darkness, we’d notice it much more readily. Yet, at the same time, the light can be hard to notice and it is the shadows that catch our eyes.

How does one explain light? To be honest, aside from that it has something to do with electromagnetic waves and such I find it rather confusing. There will of course be arguments about the exact nature of it, some say it is always the same, others suggest it changes, I just know I see better with the light on and do not care much how fast it goes the vast majority of the time.

Light is often used figuratively as well, usually as a representation of something good. (At least in western culture. Not sure about others.)

I was kind of looking forward to this post, but now that it’s here, I’m completely blank about what to say. Hate it when that happens.


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