Day 20. peace. (Post-A-Day)

32011be89a6c11e3b7fd123d3be4afff_8Peace is a difficult concept to define. In some ways peace can be defined more easily by what it is not. In other ways, it must be defined by what it is. It can be the absence of trouble, or it can be the ability to withstand trouble. It can be a state that is external or it can be a state that is internal. Yet, it is hard to define exactly what it is, and why we seek it. Most of the time we do not fight wars for the violence of the thing, but in the hope, faint though it may be, for some sort of peaceful state of our particular nation or what have you. Not in all cases, as sometimes wars are for conquering and such. We know we live in a troubled world, and peace may be so hard to define because the troubled world is the only world we know.

Peace is externally, I suppose, a state of being absent from immediate threats, and the need to defend against them. Internally, however, peace is harder to find, but I think in the end, is something that comes with contentment.

I think peace is something that we do seek after, and all in all, it is a good thing. Yet, the seeking of safety is often harmful in itself, and leads to a state that is anything but peaceful. Something that has been seen throughout the ages in paranoid governments, usually to their own undoing. Safety is not often a good thing to seek after, even if you achieve some state you regard as safe, you’ll usually find you wasted a lot of opportunities for something more. Peace is different than safety I think in that there is a vulnerability to it, where safety just keeps placing more walls up until one is trapped in their own little prison.

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