Day 2. favourite. (Post-A-Day)

IMG_4303The things I regard as favourites, quite truthfully are many indeed.

I seek beauty and truth and goodness and hope. It is not these that I regard as favourites, favourite is by far too small a word for it, for the wholeness of these things are not found within the realm of this present universe, and by comparison the universe itself is but a small and passing thing, here for but a moment and then gone forever. No, it is not these things that are my favourites. It is those things I find along the way in the pursuit of them.

My favourite, humm, I suppose it would be a post that is something along the lines of what is known as a ‘things I love’ post. AKA. A list of things that are ones favourite things, to my mind, it is a rather boring way of writing about the subject, but hey, sometimes boring is necessary. I’m going to keep it somewhat short, and probably add to it from time to time as I think of things. :-)

My Favourite List: (As opposed to those other list.)

Grocery Store: Wegmans, of course. It’s a fun grocery store, and one of the places I most regularly shop. They have a fairly extensive selection of things. As far as the products sold, it is moderately good. I don’t mind the prices too much. My favourite part about Wegmans is the staff, which in most cases are very helpful and friendly.

Colours: I try to answer black on these things, but I’ve had a whole range of favorites from reds and oranges to pinks and purples, yellows and such, but I’ve never been crazy about green and blue, they’re alright as ‘supporting colours’, but I’m not really fond of them on their own. Black is still liked, but I’ve grown more fond of red and gold after I became interested in China. France and the T.A.R.D.I.S. have helped me like blue a bit more.

Foods: When I was younger the answer was more likely to be things like pizza and cheeseburgers, now, I’m not really that fond of either of them. My taste is much more inclined towards foods like fruits and vegetables and such. I think I changed taste quite a bit when I made a conscious effort to eat more nutritiously, and now I find I crave these kinds of foods and the idea of eating pizza is more of ‘if I’m forced to, I will.’ now.

Cultures: I know these are rather broad blanket statements here, but I am fond of most  East Asian and Western European cultures. Western European is mostly where my roots are, with the exception of the Ukraine and Americas. East Asia is where my heart is, I think. In particular I am interested in Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean cultures.

Countries: China, Japan, South Korea, France, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Germany.

Languages: Mandarin Chinese, French, Icelandic, Mongolian, Japanese, Korean, German and probably others I’ve not heard yet, or haven’t realized I like the sound of. Some of these I’ve been learning, like the Mandarin Chinese, French, and German, others I’ve not started learning but want to, and others I just like the sound of but do not intend to learn them anytime in the near future.

Drinks: Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Seltzer water are things I drink most often. Out of those, tea is probably my favorite just because there is so much to choose from.

Cities: Paris, London, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, along with various other places I’ve never been. (I have never been in a single city, ever.)

Words: 爱, 你, 好, 你好, 我, enchanté, bonjour, ich, witzig, 妹妹, 姐姐, love, 水, magic, beauty, lovely, altogether, chicken, lantern, salut, 雪, magical, beautiful.

Television: Doctor Who. I was into Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Whimy stuff for years before I found The Doctor, naturally, I enjoy this fine British television program. I enjoy most of the Mandarin Chinese television I’ve come across, though not a lot of French. Educational stuff has always been a bit of a favorite of mine.

Movies: The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, almost anything to do with Jane Austen.

Music: Most music, but not a lot of American Pop. I like some of Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin, but not American. Like some French. Outside of Pop, I like bits and piece of rock, mostly from the UK and Ireland. (I’m looking at you U2 in particular…) I like a bit of this and a bit of that in most genres, but as far as a particular favourite, I’ve not had something particular that I’ve really stuck with for years. Music, I have a complicated relationship with it. It’s like I think I like it, but don’t actually like the way most of it sounds once I listen to it.

Random Bits: The Oxford comma.

Hope to continue as I think of stuff.

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