Day 18. magic. (Post-A-Day)

15a1249698e311e398851245b7a783e5_8Today’s subject is magic, not my favorite topic, though it is a word I use in my stories to describe the abilities of my characters, but is more of a placeholder word for whatever it is that they can accomplish, not really a magical thing. However, I think there is a magic of sorts to reading, and writing. The creation of stories and the reading of stories can transport one to another world, and through the characters of those stories both the reader and the writer is likewise transformed as the character goes through their particular journey. That is in a sense, a magical thing, or at least magical works as a word to describe it.

I enjoy creating stories and telling stories, but almost more, I enjoy partaking of them. One of my favorite methods for learning languages is to watch foreign films or television, or films that happen to have a relevant language to what I’m learning as a language option. Disney has a number of their films with French as an option, thank you Disney! Sometimes the stories I encounter in other languages are so interesting that I forget I’m watching it to practice language. Perhaps this is best, language learning should be fun.

I’m not a huge fan of magic, in general, though I like fantasy, I still like magic’s twin brother, science, better, and in some cases I despise both. Science is good, but I don’t think science should trump all things, there are things that science has no business in, and the triumph of science over all things tends to lead to more harm than good.

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