Day 17. vegetable. (Post-A-Day)

ad7c2024982311e3a785129179c830b0_8What does one say about the subject of vegetables? There are of course many things that we could say, we could talk about vegetarianism and you could do so from many philosophical, nutritional, and even religious perspectives. There has been a great deal that has been said about the subject of vegetables and whether to eat, or not to eat them, throughout the ages.

While I’m not sure if it is technically a vegetable, I have chocolate as the picture. After all, it’s closer to a vegetable than not, it is a plant and not an animal. It’s not like there are herds of chocolate bars that are ranched on chocolate farms like sheep, goats, or cows. I’m not sure whether it is technically a fruit or a vegetable, but whatever it is, there are quite a few people who seem to enjoy the stuff. Myself included. Though all humor aside, I’m sure if there were chocolate farms, the chocolate wouldn’t be very well treated, just like sheep, goats, cows and such are not very well treated on some farms. Actually, the sad truth is, a lot of chocolate has an even worse aspect than that: Slavery, including child slavery is high in the chocolate industry. Welcome to the modern world and all it’s ‘wonders’. I bring up the subject a lot, but I do not have a lot of solutions to present, it is worth looking up information about where your food comes from when you can. I hope that in the future I can find more chocolate that I can be assured of is free of it, most of the ‘known’ brands seem to be tainted, not sure about the one in the picture. Though not all are, and it is hard to keep track of which one is which unless it’s certified to be free right on the label itself, which few are. I may have a few options, but most are short-term or unreliably available options without a substitute available, plus it’s nearly impossible to find chocolate that doesn’t have soy in it these days, there are a few, but they can be very difficult to find or are just not that high-quality a chocolate.

In regard to other vegetables, I have to say, that I tend to enjoy eating vegetables quite a bit, and if there is one section at Wegman’s I could get lost in trying to figure which one I would like, it’s the produce department. Vegetables really are quite delicious.

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