Day 16. create. (Post-A-Day)

864bc194976511e3a91412128f76ceb1_8There is something about us, as people, that likes to create things. I suppose it is our desire to partake of our own story. We are after all images of the creator, it is only nature that we should seek to create things ourselves, it is one of the things that is at the very core of human nature, to create things, to make things for the sake of art. It is a wonderful thing, I think, and something you do not see a lot of elsewhere. Where does this desire to create things come from? From an early age our imaginations seem intent on creating things, on leaving some memoir of our passing through. I do not think it is attributable to simply being afraid of obscurity, it is much more than that. Sure, that can be a motivating factor, but it does not tend to be one that produces great art. I believe it to be due to the matter of being created in the image of God, that we have it built into us as part of our very nature to be what some have called ‘sub-creators’ and I think that is an excellent description of what we are.

It is a curious thing that we have this drive within us to leave the world more beautiful than we found it. Sometimes I think we get accustomed to thinking that everything must have a survival function of some sort, but I have to ask, why do we try to beautify our world? If anything, it is something that fights against survival, it uses resources and calls attention, but we’ve done it for thousands of years. Why do we create things? And why do we seek, passionately for some of us, to leave the world more beautiful than we found it? I think it is because we are created beings ourselves that we seek to do so, even though not all of us would realize that is why we seek it.

We must create, it’s in our nature.

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