Day 15. my drink of choice. (Post-A-Day)

ade91dd0968611e3a520120efe0b0f31_8My particular drink of choice? Probably tea, just because, and this sounds so weak against the backdrop of all that I just said, I like the amount of choices in flavors and such. Coffee being a second, or sort of equal choice, due to the wide spectrum of what it does when it’s roasted to different amounts and such, for having such a similar fundamental flavor it really does have a lot of subtile changes in how it taste, but I’ve yet to find a coffee that isn’t coffee tasting. Tea, I’ve had some green teas that do not taste anything like black tea or white tea, yet it is all still the same tea leaf.


I could talk about more wonderful things, but to be honest, I have to ask, in our drink of choice, is it really blood we thirst for? Almost all our drinks, including water itself, have some violation of human rights attached to it in some fashion or another. Tea and coffee are stained with slavery, water is taken from those who already don’t have access to clean water to be bottled and sold. I don’t know enough about alcohol, I do not drink it myself, but if we will harm for something like tea or water, I have no doubt that we will harm for something that is addictive, it can be fairly safely assumed that there are abundant violations of human rights in the alcohol industry as well.

Tea is interesting, half the world’s problems in the last five hundred years have had something to do with it. Tea has left quite a dark stain on the world indeed. The history connected with the drink leaves a bitter taste in a different sense. So much for being the solution to all problems, quite the contrary, it seems to be the culprit that shaped our insane world to this day, and I am not happy with the way I see the world’s nations going. I wonder, what will be the next ‘thing’ that sends the world into chaos. Last time the planet drowned in a cup of tea. What’s it going to be this time? For awhile it seemed like oil perhaps, but I’m not so sure that really will be the case. I don’t know, and I’m not happy with it. No matter how you cut it, it seems that greed is at the heart of it. History does hold a tendency to repeat itself, but then, so do historians. In spite of the dark aspects of the history of the tea trade, I still am rather fond of the drink.

Coffee isn’t free from a dark history, and both tea and coffee are still marred by slavery and such to this day.

The problems of drinks are not just that Starbucks isn’t found in my particular city. They has centuries of war and death attached to them, and yet I still like my coffee and tea, and probably will continue to do so. I have to ask myself though, am I a culprit of some future war by drinking them?

The thing is, people will do anything for addictions, and some substances are highly addictive, a common thread throughout most trade is substances that are just this kind. People like to say some absurd nonsense about being able to do what they want to themselves ‘as long as they’re not harming somebody else’ the problem is, you can’t even drink water without harming somebody else in this world, not to mention addictive substances. If tea could set the world into chaos, imagine the results of our current ‘anything is acceptable if it makes me happy’ attitude to these things. I shudder to think of it. Has it ever occurred to folks that there are more important things than one’s own present happiness? Like having a planet to live on in the future for instance…

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