Day 14. heart. (Post-A-Day)

633b810295bd11e3aecf0ac913b3a2f4_8Heart is the word we use as a term to express the most vital part of someone, or something, it is in reference to one of are most important body parts, the heart. It is also what we call that hard-to-describe center of ourselves that we can’t really put a name on, but it’s that central part of ourselves, the true self you might even say.

You might say that we feel with our heart, and we know things, with our heart, almost as much as we do with our minds. Sometimes, our minds haven’t quite caught up to the revelations of the heart, and we find ourselves surprised, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad, by what we find when it does.

I used to subscribe to the notion that the heart couldn’t be trusted, but I do not think that to be the case anymore, at least in so far as much as it can be said that the mind can’t be trusted. It’s healthy to hold a measure of distrust of one’s own thoughts, be they of the heart or the mind, it’s quite unhealthy to blacklist the whole heart or mind. Yet, I think a lot of people do exactly that, and it is hard, and it doesn’t make one humble, it makes one cold, stone cold, and dead. A person is a living creature, our hearts are meant to live.

I am not even sure I can say that all hearts do not have some measure of life to them, some say that only the redeemed heart is living, and I understand what is meant by that, but it is another thing entirely to say that absolutely nothing good dwells in all hearts, which is the essence of what is being said. I disagree, if nothing good was in all hearts, there wouldn’t be a point to do anything other than the worship of oneself, but that’s not what I see, to some degree, I see widely among people from all sorts of backgrounds, sacrificial love, and genuine joy. Things that can only come from a heart. Nor do I subscribe to the notion that the motives were somehow always fundamentally selfish, and were only done for outward appearances and so forth. To my mind to suggest that people cannot be good, in any state, is to pose a challenge to the nature of goodness itself.

The heart is what I see as the central part of the person, though in some cultures it has even been regarded as the nose rather than the heart, so it isn’t a universal notion that the heart is our central part by any means. I’m sure it’s been one thing or another throughout the ages. To our fatalistic modern view of things, it tends to be the brain, but it almost is on a very cold and dead sort of level that it is regarded as such, a mere collection of chemicals and nothing more, here for a bit, and then to rot. Kind of depressing really.

A heart is an amazing subject, if nothing else. One of the things in this world that last forever, is the heart, after all.

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