Day 13. perfect. (Post-A-Day)

4072676894f411e3aee71284e9aa6fe5_8Perfection eludes us, though we find hints of it, we find we rarely ever find it. It isn’t that perfection doesn’t exist, we just happen to live in a world where perfection is elusive. Yet, despite it’s elusive nature, that does not mean we should not strive to seek it. In the seeking of perfection we find a great deal of goodness, and beauty, and hope. So while perfection itself, is a noble destination, the journey there is also of importance, and we are better suited for the perfection at the end for having to chase after it, rather than having it easily within our grasp.

Perfection, is a word that we use to describe things that are without flaw, or are in short, perfect. Perfection is something we wish to be, yet fear to claim for ourselves, and are slow to bestow upon others. Very rarely does a person have the ability to look upon someone and consider them, in their heart, a perfect person.

I think that true perfection is impossible to find, in this world, but by no means does that mean that it doesn’t exist. This world, after all, is a smaller part of a bigger story, and it is in the bigger story where true perfection is found. That doesn’t mean this world isn’t important, it is of immense importance to the Universe, and beyond. It is a land where we pass through, and is both home, and not home. It is a land of shadows, and is as a mirror. It reflects a truer place. Perfection is a desire we seek to see in part because the eternity that is set within the heart, we may not know exactly how to place it into words, or what it even looks like, but we seek after perfection in the pursuit of something we are not always aware that we are searching for. In many ways, the pursuit of perfection is but the echo of eternity, and our hearts seek what we are not aware of, but wish to find.

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