Day 11. mistake. (Post-A-Day)

25aa14fc935b11e3ac3e12e658c54b75_8Mistakes happen, and we know this. Yet, we tend to expect perfection, both in ourselves and in others. And while it is true that perhaps perfection has its place, mistakes give us an opportunity to learn things we might not know if we always did things right on our first try, never failed at anything, and so forth. There is nothing wrong with striving for perfection, it is when we cannot accept failure as a means of progress that we err. Mistakes happen, we should learn from them. It is difficult, I suppose, and I too am still learning to learn from my mistakes rather than letting my mistakes define me, as if they were some external force or something. No, they are something to learn from. It’s not always easy to learn from our mistakes I admit. A lot of times we’re too wrapped up in our error to understand anything other than something is wrong with whatever it was that we were working on.

Even if you fall, you can still get up, and try again. This too is hard, it may seem easier to quit I suppose, or like me, tend to not even start for fear of failing at it, but the one good thing about falling is that you may get up and try again, and often you’ve learned something from your fall that you did not know before.

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