Day 10. i am… (Post-A-Day)

69f13d8a92a111e3a8e2125bf1c10974_8I am… Human. Plain and simple, a human being. That may perhaps seem obvious, but it is something I think we need to fight to recognize from our earliest days. I think that many things fight against our recognizing us for what we are. You hear teachings that humans can be gods or that humans are monsters all the time. I ask, however, what is wrong with simply being a human being? There is no shame in being a human being, it is a beautiful thing to be. In my opinion, it may take work to recognize that, perhaps most especially, in ourselves, but also in others. It is something that we sometimes forget to stop and wonder at. Think about it, what is humanity? I should think it to be the most glorious thing in all creation, and as such, it something to be valued. Look out upon the stars, and as glorious as the heavens are, that is nothing to what it is that you are, you are a human being.

I may seem a little extreme perhaps to say this, but in my opinion, before we are anything else, be it ethnicity or gender, the color of one’s skin, who one’s ancestors were or were not, were we come from, or what have you, we are human beings first. To see yourself as human first, and to see others as human first, really removes any foundation for prejudice or bigotry and so forth. I am human, and I am a human first. I do not wish to be labeled into some neat little box, other than human. Human, and human alone is what I am.

I am… Human.

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