Hello, I am Shane Deal, a 31 year old person from New York, the state, not the city. I am interested in words, in thinking, in art, in music, in language, in food, and trying to find humor where I can. I love to make others laugh almost as much as I enjoy laughing at myself.

I write, mostly novels, so as far as what I do, I suppose I am a writer, and while it has been a steadily practiced work, for the last eleven years, I still have yet to publish or seek publication of them. Still, I consider myself to be a writer, if asked to name what I do.

I am vastly curious, and find the world around me, and the citizens of it, to be quite interesting indeed. I have a deep desire to see the liberation of the oppressed, and to understand others, their stories, their hopes, their dreams, is something of importance to me.

That said, this fine website is to help, well, me. Mostly. I am extremely secretive and can almost be a little withdrawn, I thought perhaps writing a blog would be helpful. That said, if others happen to benefit from the blend of brilliancy, which is probably only rarely seen, and absurdity, of which there is most definitely lots, found here. Great! I’m truly pleased, but I am here to write my thoughts, and ideas, no matter how absurd they might seem to me, and release them. I’ve heard one YouTuber, Lindsey Stirling or lindseystomp as she is called on YouTube say something along the lines of how in regard to creativity, the importance of placing all the ideas on the table, the good, and the bad, in order to find the brilliant. This blog is something of an experiment in that, for me as well as an attempt of I suppose you could call it, healing. Three years into it, however, I feel more secretive and withdrawn than ever, so I’m not sure how successful it has been, to be honest. Still, I think it is more helpful than not.

Therefore, you must expect a lot of randomness, but my purpose of this site is not to impress, or share knowledge, or even to reveal secrets that remain unknown to humankind. If however, these things occur in passing, that is most excellent. My purpose for this site is to just be me. To be who I am. That’s right. To embrace my, to me at any rate, interesting self, even if it seems, to me anyways, a bit strange, and maybe a little bit brilliant too. But we shall see.

Considering how much I enjoy seeing “About Pages” on other people’s websites, it is the first page I am working on. I should imagine I will be updating it from time to time as I learn new things about myself. Which is something that is quite possible, I have only a small idea of who I am, and it seems that the more that I learn, the more I realize I do not know anything after all, I do not mind, except that I never know how to respond when asked about myself. That can be a little frustrating, I must admit. So, for the time being I can only admit that I do not know.

I enjoy art, in many its manifestations, both in giving and receiving, I love expression, to write, to take photographs, singing, dance, and the use of the spoken voice, and just about anything else I’ve not quite discovered yet. Art is the sharing of one’s soul, it is for me giving the deepest part of oneself.

Music, I enjoy music, true, though it is no longer my passion, having been displaced by my love of words and language, I play it, mostly improvising my way through any instrument I can figure out the mechanics of. In addition to playing music I enjoy listening to it, I don’t know if I can really narrow down everything I like into a set of genres, or even to individual performers. Though I often say of music that we got into an argument and are not talking to each other ever since. I just do not seem to enjoy it on the level that I once did. Over time, my appreciation for playing it has lessened considerably. For a time I did sing, and I did enjoy that, but for reasons unrelated to music I no longer do so. It no longer feels like an expression of my heart and I feel empty when I attempt to play music now. I hope this is temporary, but I’ve been feeling musically disinclined for almost eight years now, so I don’t know if it is.

I have been inspired by YouTubers on several occasions, it seems to happen on YouTube more than other platforms for some reason. I absolutely adore how even one little video can make a huge difference to other people who happen across it. I suppose, like most art, if you let it, it will even transform the beholder. So, it is with me. I am astounded by the number of huge ‘events’ or ‘changes’ in my life that can be traced back to having their start in watching a YouTube video. Sometime, if I can ever find the confidence and something to speak about, perhaps I shall be able to give, as I have so abundantly received, and start a channel of my own. I suppose this is filed under long term plans for the time being.

On this blog, I call myself, perhaps presumptuously, a philosopher of sorts, but really I suppose, it is more a lifelong study of how I and those around me think, and then asking how, why, and so forth these got to this point. What fundamental assumptions could be wrong that could challenge the assumptions of what might follow? What is every possible explanation for this thing, and what is the most likely one? Etc. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned was to learn that I might not always be right, and to approach my own knowledge with caution and the assumption it has gaps in it.

I lack education, social skills, a career, and have tendency to miss the obvious. I cannot report on my line of work, there is none, nor what college I attended, for I did not. As for the social skills I am terrified of telephones and not much better at face to face conversations. Text based forms of communication are easiest for me. Social Media has been a good thing for me, I think. I tend to use different platforms for different purposes. My Twitter is mostly used for things I’m upset about, concerned about, amused by, or for activism. Facebook tends to be the occasional post that doesn’t really have much to do with anything. Instagram is where I share where I’m at and what I am doing, and so forth for the most part.

There are few places I enjoy better than the bookstore, and it usually is my first choice for a travel destination if we are going somewhere local-ish. (I hardly ever travel outside of my own state and usually no further than an hour or two away.)

I have a strange relationship with commas. I often put them where they don’t belong, and do not even realize it, most of the time. For all my interest in language, I’m terrible at grammar.

As something of a disclaimer I make no apologies for the embracing of uncertainty, and cannot claim to be right, or to be wrong for that matter, I will however claim to be random, a thought may very well stop in the middle, go in an entirely different direction, and never resume.

Nevertheless, I am writing to share them, and if they do help someone besides myself, that is great. They certainly wouldn’t be of any use to anyone, except perhaps the little dust-elves, collecting dust on my bookshelf, probably not to be read until long after I’m dead and gone. Which is kind of a depressing thought. Thus, this blog. I hope that those who read it will find it helpful.