A Beautiful Gift

I desire in my eyes and heart the gift of beauty, I want to consider things as though they are precious gifts, because what do I have that is not a gift graciously bestowed upon me? So should I not view the world in light of that, in gratitude and wonder? Contentment and gratitude open the eyes and soul to see the fullness of the beautiful. How can I not desire that?

It is an amazing time to be alive, there are so many beautiful things to see. As I’ve been learning more about different languages and cultures then my native one, I’ve learned just how small my world is, and just how wonderful it is to learn about what’s out there. On one hand with every language there is an entirely different way of looking on the world, on the other hand I’m struck by how fundamentally human we all are. Regardless of what language we speak, at the end of the day, we’re still human. Thus, every culture has something in common, even if it is gathering for a meal, or singing songs. We’ve got something in common already, before we even speak one word with anyone in this world, we have so much in common. I wish I could learn every language, and learn every culture, but I know my life is too short to accomplish such a task, nevertheless, I’m determined to try to learn about the cultures that have always particularly fascinated me. I may not be able to understand the world, but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try.

What I’m really finding, is that I’m delighting in the embracing of my humanity, and in finding my own, I’m delighting in others.

I find the human race to be extremely fascinating, and my experiment in trying to learn new languages has already helped deepen my appreciation for other cultures and people. I’m in love with the French, the Korean, the Chinese, the Japanese, and the Spanish cultures, and am growing more and more interested in more and more as time passes. I love how different countries have different ways of doing things then my own, and I find delight in our differences as well as our similarities.

I love how I’m learning to love and appreciate people who are different from me, which is nearly always a good thing. I’m learning to see the beauty in others, and not the ugliness, which reminds me of what we are designed to be, an image, a symbol, of God. This too is good. It is good for me to learn of others, and to see them in light of being so beautiful, if for no other reason then the beauty of being a human being, an image of God, created in the likeness of God, how can we help but be beautiful? It’s in our very nature as human beings  to be beautiful. I’m delighted to find that my eyes are beginning to see it. It can be so easy to look at the world around us and see only the ugliness. But easy doesn’t mean it is the correct way of viewing the world around us. The truth of the matter is, the life of the human being, the fact of its existence alone, is a beautiful thing,  My soul cries out for beauty, but beauty is already all around me, I just need to open my eyes, and I will see.

Life is a gift. Treasure it. Our time here is beautiful, our world is amazing. These are good gifts indeed.

So while my road is long, and the adventure is just at the beginning, I’m honored to find myself here, in this, amazing world full of amazing people, doing amazing things. It is a delight to me, and such a gift.

I don’t want to miss the bigger picture by being self-consumed.

There is life, live it!